Tui River Cruises 2025 & Discover the Benefits of All Inclusive River Cruising

Tui HolidaysTui River cruises offer three river cruise ships and a variety of itineraries to choose from. Unlike the much larger ships offered by Marella cruises the Tui river cruise ships have 4 decks and under 80 cabins. In comparison the Marella Explorer 2 has 14 decks and over 900 cabins. River cruising offers a more intimate cruising experience. There will never be more than 160 guests on board the ships. There is one crew member for every 4 guests so you can expect great service throughout. Tui take care of the flights and transfers and make sure you have a speedy check in experience.

Tui All Inclusive River Cruises!

All of the Tui river cruise ships are adult only and offer full board plus as standard. There are usually options to upgrade for an all inclusive river cruise experience. Like the Marella cruises the Tui river cruises prices also include service charges and all tips. So you wont't be asked to pay tips at the end of your stay. Typically river cruises will be along the Moselle, Danube & the Rhine. These rivers offer the most options for excursions and are generally the most popular rivers to cruise. At present each of the Tui River cruises includes a credit which can be used on shore excursions.

Tui River Cruise Ships

  • Tui Isla
    Has two onboard restaurants and bars to choose from. The top deck features sunbathing, activity and lounging areas. There are 4 decks and 79 cabins.
    Tui Cruising areas – Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria & Croatia
  • Tui Maya
    Two restaurants and bars. Dedicated barbecue area on the top deck. Plus daybeds, sofa and even a herb garden. There are 79 cabins and the ship has 4 decks.
    Tui Cruising areas – Austria & Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands
  • Tui Skyla
    Two bars and restaurants. The top deck features an area for organised activities such as yoga and there is also room for the herb garden. There are 4 decks and 77 cabins.
    Tui Cruising areas – Danube

Tui River Cruise Excursions

You can sit back and watch the scenery go by when you are sailing along on a river cruise, even at night. The aim is to sail during the evening giving you more time to explore  Tui River Cruisesthe great destinations. You could enjoy a guided walk or sign up for one of the many paid excursions or just walk off and explore on your own. Sometimes there is even complimentary bicycle hire (at certain ports) A river cruise does give you access to some of the best European cities and access to towns you would otherwise never visit.

Tui River Cruises

  • TUI Skyla Romantic Danube River CruiseBudapest, Bratislava, Krems, Passau, Linz & Vienna
  • TUI Skyla East Danube Explorer River CruiseBudapest, Kalocsa Mohacs, Novi Sad, Cruising The Iron Gates, Donji Milanovac, Belgrade & Vukovar
  • TUI Skyla Danube Waltz River CruiseBudapest, Bratislava, Melk, Durnstein, Linz, Vienna, Esztergom
  • Bavarian Discovery
    TUI Maya
    Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Marktbreit, Wurzburg, Miltenberg, Wertheim & Frankfurt
  • Rhine Gems
    TUI Maya
    Frankfurt, Koblenz, Mainz, Mannheim, Kehl, Rastatt & Rudesheim
  • The Moselle Valley: Vines & Views
    TUI Maya
    Frankfurt, Koblenz, Bernkastel-Kues, Trier, Traben-Trarbach, Piesport, Cochem, Oberwesel & Boppard
  • Marvels of the Main
    TUI Maya
    Frankfurt, Miltenberg, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Marktbreit & Wertheim
  • Bavarian Discovery 2
    TUI Maya
    Frankfurt, Wertheim, Wurzburg, Marktbreit, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg & Passau
  • Beautiful Benelux
    TUI Isla
    Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Veere, Ghent, Antwerp & Utrecht
  • Dutch Delights
    TUI Isla
    Amsterdam, Medemblik, Utrecht, Arnhem, Antwerp & Rotterdam
  • European Icons
    TUI Isla (14 NIGHT CRUISE)
    Amsterdam, Cologne, Rudesheim, Koblenz, Cruising Along The Main, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Kelheim, Regensburg, Passau, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava & Budapest
  • Danube Delights
    TUI Isla
    Budapest, Esztergom, Vienna, Melk, Durnstein, Passau, Vilshofen, Regensburg & Nuremberg
  • Majestic Main & Rhine
    TUI Isla
    Nuremberg, Bamberg, Wurzburg, Miltenberg, Rudesheim, Cologne & Amsterdam
  • Rhine Explorer
    TUI Isla
    Amsterdam, Cologne, Rudesheim, Koblenz, Speyer, Kehl, Breisach & Basel
  • Rhine Explorer 2
    TUI Isla
    Same as Rhine Explorer in reverse
  • Dutch & Deutsch Explorer
    TUI Isla
    Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Koblenz, Oberwesel, Boppard &Frankfurt
  • Rhine: Chateaux & Gateaux
    TUI Isla
    Frankfurt, Boppard, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Speyer, Rastatt, Kehl, Breisach & Basel

Where to Book A Tui River Cruise

You can book the cruises online on the Tui website. You can add extras such as all inclusive, the flights you want and luggage options as well. Plus by booking direct you can take advantage of any low deposit deals and online discounts there may be on offer. For full details, to check availability, prices or to book a Tui River cruise > click here