Tui Late Deals, Last Minute Holidays & Cancellations – What’s the Difference?

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Tui Late Deals – People will always look for a way to get a cheaper holiday and many people think that booking a few days before departure will mean that they will pick up a late deal holiday bargain. A number of years ago this was more common especially when the two largest holiday companies were both trying vying to be the largest. In those days there was always generally over capacity on many flights and especially on the off-peak dates in May and June. You could get late deals at crazy prices as the holiday firms just wanted something back to lessen their losses. Similar to a supermarket getting something back on bread that is passing the sell by date in a few hours before the store shuts.

Today things are different and the holiday firms including Tui Holidays are driven by profit and don’t care about who is the largest so there is not the same over-capacity issues. The way that Tui late deals and the Tui last minute holidays are managed are completely different today. However this does not mean that you will never find great deals unless you know how to work the system.

Are you looking for Tui Late Deals, Tui Holiday Cancellation or a Last Minute Holiday?

Tui Holidays

There is a difference between the Tui Late deals, Tui holiday cancellations and the Tui last minute holidays offers. A last minute holiday is simply for someone looking for availability at the last minute. Perhaps they have some extra holidays to take or have added some flexi time to a holiday weekend to let them take a week off. Some people are not able to book in advance due to issues with their work so have to book their holiday at the last minute. Some people just want a break from work, their home life or the weather and want to book a break in the sun.

Holidaymakers looking for a Tui late deal are generally looking for a cheap holiday with large reductions and expect by booking late they will get a bargain. As a rule this does not happen much however we all know there are always exceptions to every rule! Holiday cancellations are really now an urban myth when it comes to getting a cheap holiday. People generally cancel just before the balance is due so at best you may get seats on a previously sold out flight or that some room becomes available in some accommodation. These seats would then just go on sale at the current rate that the seats and holidays are being sold at.

If someone cancels within a week people think that the holiday has already been paid for and that Tui holidays has already been paid especially if the cancellation charges are 100% of the holiday cost. Holiday firms including Tui holidays will again just release the cancelled seats and the accommodation at the current going rate. They won’t put the seats or holiday back on at a ridiculously cheap price especially if they can easily sell it at a reasonable price!

Why Are Tui Late Deals Not As Cheap As They Were?

Tui holidays like other holiday firms operate using a dynamic pricing model. This means that they constantly adjust the holiday and flight prices and this helps them to get the highest prices for their holidays. If a holiday is selling to quickly the price will automatically go up after a predetermined number of seats have been sold. This can also happen in reverse so at a certain point the price will go down until it starts selling. This constant balancing act lets Tui holidays and other holiday firms and airlines even out the selling price of flights, cruises and holidays. Tui will adjust their online discounts so that the holiday prices fluctuate depending on sales.

Another selling tactic by Tui holidays is their Tui discount codes where there will be a discount on all holidays or narrowed down offer covering a particular month or destination. Using a combination of these methods Tui will sell most holidays and flights to a comfortable level rather than constantly having lots of flight seats and holidays left nearer the departure date. Again there can be certain reasons why some dates and destinations will still not sell no matter what they do to discount them. In the event of political unrest, possible terrorist attacks, crime, natural disasters and some other obscure reason people will tend to avoid some holiday destinations.

Holiday firms will not knowingly send you to a dangerous destination and will follow government guidelines. Understandably it does not take much to put some people off a destination so for obvious reasons a destination with an issue if not cancelled will struggle to sell and will be heavily discounted. Always check with the Foreign Office for official Government advice on any holiday destination before you book and travel.

Tui Winter Late Deals & Last Minute Holidays?

As with all late deals & last minute winter holidays there is an extra dimension to consider. The most popular destinations will always sell at a higher price and these will always be the winter destinations that offer the best weather. You will find that a Tui late deal to Tenerife will be more expensive than a similar holiday in Majorca in the months where there is the largest contrast in the climates. In November in Majorca the average temperature is 19 degrees against Tenerife with at 25 degrees or Egypt at 27 degrees.

Some people just want away and a quick week in Benidorm is fine even if the weather is not that sunny. Benidorm has a lot to offer holidaymakers despite the drop in temperature it’s still popular all year round. Obviously the date to avoid if possible in winter is New Year which is always expensive and tends to sell well. Surprisingly a two week holiday and sometimes a one week one that returns on Christmas Day or Boxing day can actually be quite reasonable. However if a holiday includes New year such as Christmas & New Year you will find that it will sell out usually at full price. If it’s a New Year holiday that returns after the schools and most businesses are due back than there is a chance you can pick up a better deal.

When Is the Best Time To Book Tui Late Deals?

Tui Late Deals

Ultimately the best time to book is when you are happy with the price you have found. There are differences between the prices when booking midweek as against the weekend. However the prices will automatically adjust depending on sales. If you are trying to save money and get one of the Tui late deals bearing in mind the previous information about dynamic & fluid pricing there are still some things you can do.

Remember to check other nearby local departure airports and be open to the destinations you are going to visit. If there is a particular accommodation or destination check prices from all the suitable departure airports as it is possible there will be variations. Look for discount codes on the official Tui web site and check the prices direct (click here).

The Tui website will deduct any applicable online discounts automatically from the holiday cost. Every couple of years a late booking anomaly appears and that involves the European or World cup football tournaments. If your home nation qualifies then you could pick up a late deal during the competition. A lot of people will not travel during the football even though most hotels and bars abroad show the games. There is usually a drop in bookings for the dates the football is on.

What’s The Best Way To Get Cheap Tui Late Deals

If you can travel at anytime and are open to where you want to visit then you will have the best chance of getting the best available Tui deal. Avoid the school holiday dates if possible. These are from the end of June to mid-August from Scotland and approximately the last week in July to the start of September for departures from England & Wales.

You could use these to your advantage by travelling from Scotland during the English & Welsh school holiday dates and the same in reverse if you live in Scotland. Any holiday that returns after the schools go back are not as popular for obvious reasons. You will find that in some cases it’s cheaper to go to for two weeks on some dates that include a school holiday. When the schools are off for one week, a two week holiday that returns after the schools go back can be a lot cheaper than the one week one! On this occasion the one week holiday prices are at a premium due to the demand.

The Tui Last Minute Holidays page will display holidays up to a particular date in the future, usually 28 days ahead of today’s date. Initially the page will display holidays for two adults travelling for 7 nights. It’s up to you to use the filters to make the holidays more suitable for your needs.

For Tui late deals you can change or select

  • Number of people travelling
  • The Departure airports
  • Destinations
  • Duration
  • Date of travel (up to 28 days ahead)
  • Board basis
  • Accommodation rating
  • Price range

Holidays For You


The more you restrict the results the less chance you have of finding the cheapest deal. Obviously if you only want a particular destination, resort or hotel then you select what you need regardless. If there are more than two people travelling and you are all prepared to share the same accommodation perhaps 4 in a 1 bedroom apartment make sure you check holiday prices for 4 rather than just doubling the price for 2 sharing. Four people sharing a 1 bedroom apartment will be cheaper then getting two apartments. A one bedroomed apartment will generally have a bedroom and a fold down sofa bed in another room.

Booking Tip – If the Tui last minute search is just outside the date range you are looking for don’t wait until your holiday date shows up on the last minute search. Use the main search to check your holiday. Just because a holiday is displayed on the last minute search does not mean that it has been specially reduced before it appears on it!

The Tui late deals search will let you select from a number of options

  • Tui Winter Tui Late Deals – Long Haul or Winter Holidays
  • Summer Deals – Holidays for the next summer season
  • Mid Haul Breaks – Typical Mediterranean Destinations
  • Tui City Break Deals – Worldwide city breaks
  • Tui Spanish Deals – Holidays to Spain
  • Tui Canary Islands Deals – Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Palma & La Gomera
  • Tui Family Holidays – Tui Family Life deals – family holidays (If booking early try the free child search first)
  • Tui Florida Deals – Villas, Hotels and Disney Holidays
  • Tui Iceland Deals – Iceland Short Breaks
  • Villa Deals – Villa holidays from the Tui Villas Collection
  • Skytours Deals – Value for money holiday deals.
  • Short Breaks – Short Break holidays for 2-6 nights
  • Longer Breaks – Tui Holidays for 11 – 28 nights
  • Lapland Deals – Visit Santa, Ski and enjoy other activities
  • Luxury Deals – A search for 5T rated accommodation

There are other Tui searches however you can select any of these options from the main search using the filters. If you want the lowest price make sure you change the default display from “Our Recommended” to “Price Low to High. If you change any of the filters make sure it does not go back to “Our Recommended” You can also select by departure date, saving amount and feedback rating.

Tui Holidays

There are a lot of benefits to booking early. You may be able to save better knowing you have a holiday to pay for. Or simply the knowledge that you have a holiday to look forward to is something that you can look forward to. For everyone else with the freedom to book whenever they want, you have more flexibility to find a deal. Others have to look for late availability rather than purely based on price and find a suitable holiday.

Whatever your reason hopefully the information on this page can help. Remember there are no guarantees and there is nothing definite when it comes to getting a cheap late deal. The information here should help but there can always be something that could throw a spanner in the works and normal booking trends can be different from what we expect to happen. There is no guarantee that booking on a Wednesday at a particular time or some similar ‘rule’ will get you the best price. Late Deal holiday pricing is like stocks and shares and the weather and can be unpredictable. If you see a holiday you are happy with at the right price then book it as there is not guarantee it will be available at the same price or on the same flights later. Happy hunting 🙂

It is always a good idea to check the UK government travel advice for a destination. This would apply to any holiday whether you are booking a Tui late deal or a Marella Cruise. You can do this by going to