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Tui Free child places 2024 (Tui free child places now on sale – up to October 2025)  – For many families free child places can help keep the overall cost of the family holiday down and for some it may make the difference in the standard of accommodation they will be able to afford. Tui free child places are a great way to make big savings and which is why they are so popular and sought after.

Previously the Tui free child places holiday search was non-existent which was a curse and a blessing at the same time. It was bad because it made it harder for people to find the free kids deals however most people are either intrinsically lazy or don't know how to find them.

This was good for you as after reading the information here you would have been able to form a strategy to find your family a Tui free child place holiday deal. Leaving the others to pay more for their Tui family holiday and leave all the 2023 holidays with free child places waiting for you. With the introduction of the new Tui holidays free child places finder it is now possible for anyone to snap them up. If you find one that fits all your holiday requirements grab it while you can. Take advantage of the Tui low deposit deal and secure your Tui free child place.

The most popular hotels are the ones that offer all inclusive free child places as for many families these offer the most peace of mind as to controlling the overall holiday budget and value for money. Slightly easier to find are the self catering free child places holiday deals which are great for families who wish to eat out or cook plus they can also offer a solution for larger families who all want to stay together in the one area.

Beach Family Holidays

Tui free child places in many cases are the best way to get the largest family holiday discount if you want to stay at certain holiday hotels.  Tui holidays contracts let them have exclusive deals at a number of hotels and self catering apartments all over the Mediterranean and beyond. This lets Tui work more closely with the hotels and also invest in them as well. Ultimately this makes many of the Tui hotels so popular as the overall holiday experience is so much higher than in many other hotels.

This is why people want to book a specific hotel or Tui holiday brand such as Tui Blue for Families (previously Tui Family Life)  Tui Handpicked holidays, Tui Platinum or a First Choice Holiday Village holiday for a great family holiday experience.

How to Find Tui Free Child Places?

For the best chance of getting Tui Free Child Places – Dates to avoid if possible for most holiday deals are the school holidays and if you have children that are of a preschool age then take advantage of that fact whilst you can. The main school holiday dates usually start around the last week to 10 days before the end of July and end at the beginning of September. In Scotland the schools finish from the end of June and go back around the middle of August. So there is no surprise that many Scottish holidaymakers head south to get cheaper deals from airports in northern England as the prices are much cheaper.

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This usually works in reverse however most people don't think about heading North to fly South again! You will generally find more free child places and holiday deals from Scotland in the middle of August and from England at the end of June. Use this information to your advantage if possible however we do accept that most people will be reluctant to endure any extra travel hassle with a young children. If you simply want to find Tui free child place holidays from your local airport on a particular date then the information here is still valid.

Knowing what accommodation offers free child places will help you find them more easily. Below are some of the Tui hotels and apartments that generally feature free kids places. Please confirm the board basis prior to booking as this can change. Use the search to narrow down the results, type in Spain, Greece etc.

Tui Free Child Places 2025 All Inclusive Benefits

All Inclusive free child places

For even better value there are a number of  Tui free child places all inclusive deals. These all inclusive free child places are the most sought after especially in the school holiday period especially as the savings can be more substantial than the savings against a free child self catering deal. As mentioned previously going all inclusive means that you don't have to worry about the cost of the children's drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Even a few drinks each day can add up to quite a substantial amount for a family over a two week holiday duration. Many of the all inclusive hotels also offer entertainment and some offer kids' clubs and special meals and mealtimes for children. Please check the hotel description on the Tui or First Choice holidays website to see what is included if you are booking with either of these companies so you know what you are getting for your money and what is and isn't included in the cost.

Tui Free Child Places Search – Find Free Child Places

As mentioned previously there was no free child places search on the Tui holidays website so you needed to do a bit of extra checking to hunt down your Tui family deal. At the end of this if you don't get a free child holiday deal you will still find some of the best  Tui family holiday offers they have. When you do a holiday search you will be given the option to click and see what free child places there are available.

Using this method will still help you find great family holiday deals if there are no free child places left using the  Tui free child places finder > click here

Start by entering your holiday requirements into the Tui main holiday search

  • Flying from – enter up to ten departure points (more is better)
  • Destinations – enter destinations (leave blank if possible) Don't enter Tui Family Life, Skytours depending on the type of holiday you are looking for you can easily select this later
  • Dates – Always check the flexible by +/- 3 days – Be as flexible as possible.
  • Duration – Enter the length of holiday you are looking for.
  • Who is going – Enter the number of adults & children plus child ages (on return date)
    Next – Click on the Search button

Once you get the search results back the first thing to do is change the setting in SORT BY from ‘Our Recommended' to ‘Price – low to high'. Then change the pride from per person to total price. This will then display the lowest priced holiday available on the date you have chosen. To see the cheapest holiday on each date simply click on the ‘Departure dates'

You can also filter the results down further by

  • Selecting the board basis to all inclusive, self catering, half board or another option.
  • Select – the hotel rating from 2 – 5T (Tui holidays own star grading)
  • Destination – leave unchecked if prices is the most important factor.
  • Accommodation – lets you select features like playground, creche, kids' pool, kids' clubs, free wi-fi etc. Most family specific hotels tend to have family friendly facilities.
  • Price range – Selecting ‘Price – low to high' will be enough unless you want a luxury hotel option which you would have checked 4 or 5T in the rating section already.
  • Type – This will let you select from the different holiday brands such as Tui Blue for Families
  • Skytours, Sensatori and more. Also you can select accommodation that is ‘Best For' and we would generally go for the best for families option. The numbers in brackets after each option lets you know how many of each category there are.

Free Child Availability

Any Tui free child places available will be shown above the red writing where it says pay only £xxx deposit today which is just above the shortlist and continue buttons on the right hand side of the page of each hotel description. The results page will initially only show you a few results so you need to keep scrolling down the page to display more holiday offers until you reach your maximum budget if you have one. If you have sorted the results to show the lowest prices then the prices will get more expensive as you scroll down the page.

Please Note – Every time you edit the search results by changing the date of departure for example you will need to update the sort by filter as this will automatically reset to ‘Our Recommended' rather than lowest price. Make sure you remember to change this back if you have edited the search dates.

What To Do If There Are No Free Child Places Available?

Ultimately you are after a family holiday so don't get completely hung up on getting a free child place especially if there is a particular hotel or apartment you are after. You will either get a free child place or on-line discounts so you will be getting a discount and hopefully there are some Tui Holidays discount codes available that you can also use. The most important factor is getting a suitable holiday at the right price.

Tui free child places are all subject to availability and do sell out quickly so be ready to book. Don't forget by booking direct online you will be able to take advantage of any low deposit holiday offers so you don't have to pay out a fortune to reserve your free child place.

Always a good idea to check your destination with the latest UK government travel advice. You can do that by clicking > here