Late Deals Last Minute Holidays 2024 How to find Your Ideal Holiday

Are you looking for late deals or last minute holidays?

Are you looking for late deals or last minute holidays? The approach you take to find your perfect holiday will depend on what you are looking for. 

Some holidaymakers are looking to get cheap late deal holidays and others are looking for late availability. You might this it is the same thing however the difference is that not everyone booking last minute is just after a cheap deal. 

Through a variety of circumstances, some family or personal and others because of work. Not everyone can book in advance. Therefore they can't plan and book their holiday during the busy booking period just after Christmas and New Year and throughout January.  

Some holidaymakers are after a cheap holiday and are looking to pick a great deal on package holidays for booking last minute break. This is a popular option for people who have retired or have a flexible working environment with loads of holidays to take. 

Whether you are in the cheap late deal or just after late availability will affect how you search for your ideal holiday. People looking for late availability are not as bothered with the cost and are more concerned with the type of holiday and getting all the amenities they want in the accommodation. 

If just finding the lowest prices is your main consideration then the more flexible you are with your choices will help keep the holiday price down. Once you start adding must have options you reduce the number of holidays you can pick from. 

Obviously you are not going to select departures from Aberdeen if you live near Birmingham or Cardiff. Plus if you are looking for a quieter holiday you are going to avoid the party hotels featured in the Jet2 VIBE program. 

Where are the Late Deals?

Late deals are still there they are just hiding under a different name. The term late deals suggest that you get a deal just because you are booking late. Holiday companies don't want to encourage that. They want you to book early.

So you will find last-minute holiday deals, last minute holidays, last minute beach holidays or last minute city breaks. 

A big change from the past when there were Thomson Square Deals (now Tui Holidays) Airtours holidays had Sundeals. Both offering cheap late deals with your accommodation allocated on arrival!

Why are Some Strange Dates Busy and More Expensive?

You may come across some random dates from certain airports that are busy and the prices are higher. There are a few possible reasons for this.

There could be a wedding taking place and the wedding party and their guests have all booked the same flight. School leavers go abroad with their friends at the end of that school year. In Scotland that could be mid-June and in England 3 or 4 weeks later. 

During the football season, if there are any European games this can make some destinations busier than normal. Some fans will combine a weeks stay in a holiday destination and still travel to watch their team whilst on holiday. 

Stag and hen groups can also book in large enough numbers to increase prices on some flights and accommodation.

How Do You Find Late Deals – Cheap Holidays?

The best tactics to get cheap holidays is similar to what we would advise to do with most tour operators.

The price of a holiday will depend on a number of factors. Lets have a look at them!

When is the Cheapest Time to Go? – Your Departure Date

Don't expect the cheapest deals during the busiest dates so avoid them if you can. Typically the more expensive peak periods dates include New Year, half term, October school holidays, and Easter holidays.

Some bank holidays can be problematic as well. Lots of people add flexi days and a few days holidays to make a week or go for a short break. Some of the main school summer holiday dates can be tough.

Where to Travel to Get the Best Holiday Price? 

Most people are looking to guarantee the weather as best as possible. So for winter breaks expect to pay more for a holiday to a Canary Island destination. A comparable last minute holiday deal in Tenerife will cost more than a similar hotel in Majorca or Benidorm.

What Board Basis Offers the Best Value?

All inclusive holidays are always popular however there are lots of them. You may find that the difference between a self catering holiday and an all inclusive package holiday isn't that much. So once you take into account the cost of drinks, snacks and the 3 meals a day you could be better with all inclusive holiday deals.

When is the Best Time to Book for the Best Deals?

Just because you are booking nearer the departure date doesn't mean that a holiday will be cheaper. In the past last-minute deals may have worked this way but not anymore. Tour operators and airlines operate dynamic pricing.

This means that the prices go up and down by a certain amount to maximize the selling price for the holiday company (For further details on Dynamic pricing read the chapter below)

There are some websites that will quote that the best time to book is x days or weeks before the date of departure. Your holiday search and requirements are unique to you. There are so many variables that come into play it is impossible to be able to state figures like this with any real reliability. 

What's the Weather like?

If we have had weeks of miserable summer weather you won't be the first to decide that you have had enough. At what point do you just decide to give up and escape to some beach hotspots around the Mediterranean?

A bad British summer creates demand for overseas sun holidays. That demand drives prices up as people start to think about beautiful beaches and drinks by the pool!

Family Holiday Late Deals – Book Early or Wait?

The first question when thinking about a family holiday is the price. If you are on a strict budget then sacrifices may have to be made. However a strict budget can vary quite dramatically so there isn't any standard formula that fits everyone. 

For many families there can be a list of must have requirements. You may need a family friendly hotel with a children's pool, kid's clubs and a playground all on an all inclusive deal.

The more requirements you add the less holiday options you will find when you do a holiday search. This will generally reduce the number of holidays you have to choose from. 

The popular family holiday discount is a free child place. This can help reduce the overall holiday cost and they tend to be offered in family friendly properties. An all inclusive free child place holiday is one of the most popular family holiday choices. 

You may find some free child places nearer the departure date when looking for a late holiday deal. However free child places are always subject to availability and are just another discount option used by holiday firms. 

Booking a family holiday early will give you more choice of departure dates, selection of properties, accommodation with family facilities, the best-selling destinations and free child places.

You are more likely to find a “brochure price” holiday with early booking discounts with everything you need. Take advantage of any low deposit deals. Plus you may have more time to save up before the holiday balance is due. 

If price is the main consideration there is no standard rule that you can use to let you know when to book a bargain family holiday. You find that really good child discounts like free child places disappear especially when last minute bookings are selling really well. 

Sorry if you have not found the reassurance you may be looking for. With the huge number of variable affecting the prices there really isn't a 100% full proof way of knowing what the future holiday prices will be. 

Will there be Discount Codes?

Some tour operators have discount codes offering reductions on certain dates or destinations. These discount codes tend to be available during the early booking periods in January, February and March for summer bookings. 

If a holiday company has a discount code they usually have it clearly advertised on their own website. They want you to use it, it is there to encourage you to make a booking. You will usually find that the discount codes can't be combined with any other special offers. You may need to test the prices by adding a code and removing it to see what the best price is.

An obvious example of this can be for a family holiday where discount codes can't always be used when you have a free child place.

Are All Inclusive Late Deals Worth it?

Is an all inclusive last minute holiday packages worth it? Don't discount an all inclusive late deal option when searching for last-minute availability or a late deal. The difference in cost may be minimal when you take into account what you get.

You may find a self catering late deal for £220 per person and an all inclusive offer at £290. With the difference only £70 in this example you would get 3 meals and snacks per day and all your drinks would be covered. Even if you still eat out a few nights the difference only works out at £10 per person per day. 

Obviously the difference could be more especially if you are looking at 5-star and 4-star resorts. However keep it in mind to see if it it worthwhile when comparing holidays.

All inclusive is so popular there are lot's of hotels and aparthotels offering this board basis. Many tour operators have a number of exclusive all inclusive hotels in their portfolio. So there is a good chance of finding late availability at an all inclusive hotel.

Also worth considering are the Marella all inclusive cruises with Tui Holidays. You could go for a cruise and stay holiday where you cruise for 1 week and stay in a hotel for the rest of your holiday. Alternatively you could go on a 2 week all inclusive holiday. 

What is the Favourite Destination?

The favourite holiday destinations can change from year to year. Sometimes it is Turkey other times it is Greece, Croatia or back to Spain. Whatever the hottest destinations is that year the demand is higher and so are the prices. 

Tour operators and airlines get an indication from early bookings when the new holiday brochures are launched. You may even see announcements that they have increased their capacity and add a new flight route to certain destinations to cope with the increased demand.

If they add too many extra holidays there could be some scope for cheap late deals. Especially for the quieter departure dates in May and June. 

Turkey Late Deals Holidays
Turkey late deals
Tenerife Late Deals Holidays
Tenerife Last Minute Holiday Deals
Lanzarote late deals
Lanzarote late deals
Croatia late deals
Croatia Last Minute Holidays

Last Minute Availability – Not Cheap Holidays

When booking late it is still usually best to use the normal holiday search rather than any special offer ones. Unless your priority is the cost rather than getting the best accommodation, facilities and flights you really want. 

Generally some of the last minute or destination searches can have less filters. This will make it harder to narrow down the search results to get your ideal holiday.

The holiday search filters can let you select the features you may need for your stay. These filters can let you narrow down your search by board basis, change the duration, destination, facilities, accommodation type, holiday brand and change flight for better times. 

What Late Deal or Last Minute Holiday?

When it comes to looking for a last minute holiday or break there are lots of options (subject to availability) There can be so many late deal holiday possibilities and package holiday deals aimed at different holidaymakers. 

Is this your main holiday or just an extra?

Your approach will depend on what type of holiday you are looking for and your budget.

  • Coach Holidays – From tours around Europe and beyond to British Seaside breaks
  • Cruise Holidays – Fly-cruise, departures from the UK, a European river cruise
  • Holiday Cottages – accommodation in the UK like the Peak district or a holiday cottage with a hot tub in Cornwall
  • City Breaks – A city break in the UK or in a popular European city break location.
  • Family Holiday – A holiday park in the UK or a holiday abroad in an  all inclusive hotel with family entertainment and kid's clubs
  • Party Holiday – Drinks and clubbing every night?
  • Adult Only Holiday – Adult only hotels great cuisine
  • Luxury Holiday – Spa treatments, great service and beachfront resorts.

DIY –  Do it Yourself Deals, Are they Worth it?

You could also consider booking a flight, accommodation and airport transfers or car hire separately. However there are a number of websites that let you do this with the advantages of being a package holiday. 

Known as dynamic packaging sites like Thomas Cook holidays and On the Beach let you fins cheap flights with Ryanair, easyjet, Tui airlines, Jet2 flights, British Airways and many more. It all depends on the departure airport and destination you select as to what airlines are shown.

Obviously what flights are available for your dates and number of passengers will determine what availability is then shown.

After that you can select form a huge selection of accommodation options. Once you select your accommodation you can add cabin luggage if it is not included. Finally airport transfers or car rental and travel insurance. 

Financial Protection for Last Minute Holiday Deals

Package holidays do generally offer a greater level of financial protection. If you book an atol protected package holiday you will receive an atol certificate proving you are covered. Take a copy of this with you just in case as it will be your proof that you are indeed covered.

Also have a look and see if the holiday company is a member of ABTA. All members of ABTA are required to adhere to a code of conduct which is great for holidaymakers. It's not the end of the world if a company isn't a member but it is a nice extra to look out for. Especially if you have never head of the travel company before.

There will be full details of the cover on the applicable website of the company you are planning on booking with. Check their booking conditions.

 Jet2 Last Minute Holidays

Jet2 late deals from Jet2 holidays have lots of possible destinations to pick from. They offer a great range of package holiday options departing from a number of UK airports. So if you are looking for last minute holidays it would be a mistake not to see what late deals they have. Making a late holiday booking is easy and the Jet2 holidays website has a number of special offer searches > more

Jet2 Holidays Departure Airports

You can get flights from Newcastle, London Stansted, Glasgow, East Midlands, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Edinburgh, Bristol & Belfast airports.

Jet2 Holiday Last Minute Holidays Options

Jet2 are a major tour operator in the United Kingdom and offer self catering to all inclusive cheap holiday deals. Plus you can book a city break holiday with them to some great European destinations as well as shopping trips to New York.

If you are looking for a summer or winter holiday on a canary island like Tenerife, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura Jet2 have more than enough options to choose from. In fact Jet2 holidays feature over 90 great destinations. 

Jet2 holidays feature Jet2 villas holidays, luxury holidays through their Indulgent Escapes and Luxe collection brands. For clubbing holidays there are the Jet2 VIBE holidays.

You will also find great family holidays with the Jet2 family Favourites and the Experience more holidays come with water park action throughout your stay. Adult only hotels are available at a good range of hotels including all inclusive holidays. 

The majority of the Jet2 holiday brochures and brands also feature the popular all inclusive board basis. So you can enjoy a luxury 5 star all inclusive holiday deal if that's what you are after. 

Jet2 package holidays offer holidaymakers return flights, airport transfers and accommodation plus 22kg of hold luggage and 10kg cabin baggage allowance.

Last Minute Deals Tui

Tui last minute deals on holidays can cover a vast range of holiday options to popular destinations all over Europe and beyond. Whether you are looking for winter sun destinations, a short break in the sun or your main summer holiday Tui have a massive range of holidays ideal for most holidaymakers > more

Tui have a vast range of travel deals from cheap self-catering holidays to all-inclusive holidays luxury Sensatori 5 star hotels. 

Tui Late Deals Options

  • Tui Luxury holidays – Sensatori, Blue for Two, A la Carte and Tui Platinum
  • Tui Adult Only Holidays – Tui Blue for Two, Tui Gold
  • Tui Villas Collection – Tui villa holidays with pools.
  • Tui Cruises – Marella cruises in the UK (5 ships) & Tui river cruises
  • Tui Family Holidays – Tui Blue for Families, Holiday Villages, SplashWorld Holidays
  • Tui All Inclusive Holidays – Tui Magic Life (plus many hotels throughout the Tui brands)
  • Tui Lakes and Mountains – Holidays in Lake Garda, Austria, Switzerland and more.
  • Tui City Breaks – City break holidays in Dubai, Prague, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome & more
  • Tui Tours – Self drive and guided tours around the world. 

With Tui you can select holidays that are great for beachfront properties, spa treatments, walking or sport and activities. If you are looking for a more authentic holiday select holidays offering a local flavour. 

There are flight options from over 20 British airports to a huge number of destinations. The destination options will depend on the departure airport.

How to Find Tui Last Minute Holidays 

There is a last minute holidays deal page listing the latest Tui offers. You can narrow down the results by date, board basis, destination, price and flights.

Finding other Tui deals is easy. Tui have a special cheap holidays and deals page where you can select the most suitable deals page for you. Selections include Tui Blue deals, long haul deals, Walt Disney World holidays, Greece deals, Canary Island deals, cruise deals, flight deals and more. 

Safety First – Travel Advice

It's a good idea to check the foreign travel advice from the United Kingdom government travel website. It has the current travel health news, latest security updates and if there are any travel warnings. Plus you will be able to get information on travel entry requirements.

You can do this by visiting –