Jet2 City Break Holidays 2024 & 2025, Short & Weekend City Breaks


Jet2 City Break holidays are are great option for anyone looking to get away for a few days or for a weekend break. With a city break you have so many options to choose from. Are you looking for city breaks by the beach or to attend a special sport or music event?

You can now book a Jet2cityBreak for departures from today to Summer 2024. There is also a new route from London Stansted to Nice with two flights a week to the French Riviera. You will now be able to choose from 56 city break and beach break destinations in summer 2024.

Another popular fun city break option is in late November and December to one of the may Christmas market city breaks destinations. There are so many beautiful cities to choose from that look even better with the Christmas lights and festive atmosphere.

jet2 city breaks let you explore and enjoy another destination where you can eat new types of food in lots of different restaurants, enjoy the lively nightlife and go clubbing. What capitol city or large city doesn't have some kind of museum, art gallery, landmarks, places of interest and lots of history. So during the day you can go sightseeing or get some retail therapy in and check out the local shopping scene. Breaks to a capital city will offer modern shopping malls and a fantastic choice of intriguing food options. You could simply be booking a short break in the sun. A city break destination in the sun with Jet2 city breaks is yet another option.  

Set Jetting is another popular activity as holidaymakers visit the scenes where their favourite films or TV shows were filmed. Usually these are at some stunning city location. There is nothing better than experiencing some new destination and jet2 city breaks holidays let you do just that. 

Hopefully that short explanation answers some of the questions you may have such as why are city breaks popular? and what are city breaks?

Where Can You Book A Jet2 City Break?

You can book any of the Jet2 City Breaks on the Jet2 holidays website. You can select from a number of city break packages. Each holiday offers return flights and a selection of hotel accommodation for you to choose from. City break hotels range from 3 star hotels to luxury 5 star hotels with spa treatments and a la carte restaurants. Five-star hotel rooms will also reflect the hotel sat rating.

There are affordable city break options for anyone just looking to get away. To also get the most out of your trip financially select a cheap city break destination.  An ideal city break destination could be Krakow for example where the cost of living is much less than it would be in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The Location of your hotel is also important, if you are only there for a few days then a hotel in the city centre would be better. 

What Are the Jet2 City Breaks Holidays Options?

There are really short breaks for 1 or 2 nights if you are really short of time or just want to get away. Alternatively pick city breaks 3 nights offers or for over 50 nights and more! For shorter Jet2 city break trips the flight times need to fit in. The perfect time would be an early flight with the return flights later in the evening. You may not get a choice of flights from all Jet2 UK airports as there isn't always a huge demand for each city destination from all the airports all the time.

The durations are always subject to availability and will depend on the departure airport and destination. Not all destinations are available for all durations from all the Jet2 UK airports.  When you book with European city breaks with Jet2 City Breaks you get a 22kg bag allowance and 10kg hand baggage included in the cost. This is not a standard if you compare a Jet2 city break with another tour operator you will probably find you are charged all sorts of extras of hand luggage and check-in luggage.

Jet2 city breaks transfers are not included in the cost of the city break holidays. Unlike traditional package holidays you don't get return airport transfers in the cost of your city break. You have to make your own travel arrangements either by taxi, bus or car hire. A Jet2 city break is not just for weekend breaks, you can also enjoy a mid – week break depending on the flight availability.

Jet2 City Breaks are available from 10 UK Airports. Not all destinations are listed from each airport. The larger the airport the more destinations and flight options there are. There will also be more flight options depending on the destination, route and time of year you select.

Jet2 City Break Holidays Departure Points

  • Belfast (BFS) – Alicante, Faro, Dubrovnik, Las Palmas, Malaga, Reykjavik, Salzburg & more
  • Birmingham Airport (BHX) – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Catania, Florence, Lucca & more
  • Bristol (BRS) – Funchal, Girona City, Naples, Thessaloniki, Verona, Salzburg & more
  • Edinburgh Airport (EDI) – Alicante, Dubrovnik, Faro city, Funchal, Geneva, Malaga, Verona, Reykjavik & more
  • Glasgow Airport (GLA) – Funchal, Geneva, Krakow, Las Palmas, Naples, Prague, Rome, Reykjavik, Palma City & more
  • Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) Alicante, Copenhagen, Faro city, Funchal, Geneva, Prague, Verona, Reykjavik & more
  • London Stansted Airport (STN) –  Alicante city, Catania, Faro, Funchal, Girona, Olbia, Reykjavik, Thessaloniki, & more
  • Manchester Airport (MAN) – Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Cologne, Cannes, Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Venice, Vienna & more
  • Newcastle Airport (NCL) – Berlin Copenhagen, Faro, Malaga, Rome, Vienna, Salzburg & more

Iceland City Break – Reykjavik

An Iceland city break can offer you more than just a few days in Reykjavik. You can make your Iceland holiday so much more by exploring the rest of the island.
If you are short of time and just want to stay in and see Reykjavik make sure you look into getting a Reykjavik city card. This will give you access to the city's national museum and geothermal pools. The city pass also includes unlimited bus travel. Alternatively, there are guided tours ideal for exploring Iceland. Check the Reykjavik city card booking conditions for full details.

Alternatively for anyone on a Reykjavik city break that wants more there are options. Even on a short break you can still have time to see and visit Thingvellir National Park, book a Northern Lights tour to see the aurora borealis, Gullfoss waterfall or the famous Blue Lagoon.

There are a few day tour options covering different areas depending on what you want to do and see. You could explore West Iceland or North Iceland on two different days. Obviously it will depend on how much spare time you have and how much you want to spend.

Iceland Hotels in Reykjavik

There are lots of hotels in Reykjavik to choose from depending on your budget. As with any city the location can also affect the cost. So if you want to save money a Reykjavik hotel a bit further out would be a good option. However if you are short for time you may want to consider a hotel in a more central location.

Before you make your City Break Booking

When booking International travel it is always best to check the latest government information and travel advice. You can do this by going to This will give you the information on a wide choice of destinations. You will find health, security, entry requirements and if there are any travel warnings.